Listen to Hook & Sling, Parson James and Betty Who on new single If You’re Hearing This

Already addicted to this hypnotic new threeway from Aussie producer Hook N Sling (aka Anthony Maniscalco), soul summoner Parson James (Sinner Like You, Temple) and synthpop stylist Betty Who (Mama Say, All of You) Released today, If You’re Hearing This brings both Parson’s soul summoning talents and Betty’s dreamy vocals to the fore, their individual parts perfectly executed and the combined harmonies making for a lovelorn match made in heaven. But it’s not just about the voices. Hook N Sling, best known for his recent contribution to Galantis’ UK top 20 hit Love On Me, taps into the Balearics-influenced chillout vibe that’s ripe for Spotify playlist curation and primed for radio (please pick this up) but, rather than predictably increasing the tempo or ramping up the production to drive the song forward, it’s the ad libs, harmonies and plenty of heart that drives the song towards its natural conclusion. Intocicating, fresh and unforced, If You’re Hearing This needs to be heard. 

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