Michaela May serves superb electropop on debut EP Rogue

If you’re looking for an EP full of fiery electro belters and synth-drenched gems, look no further than Michaela May’s debut EP Rogue which is out today. 

We’ve already raved about the Toronto based pop star thanks to her previous singles 1954 and Lights Out. The former, a feminist statement dressed up as a brassy electropop stomper and the latter, a dreamy upbeat ballad that twinkles like an 80s classic still sound retro superb. 

Fear not though, as you also won’t find any duds among the new tracks on this collection. Sapiosexual is a relentless explosion of self-empowering fun, Lost is a pulsing, sun-drenched ode to solitude, while Loveaholic sounds like it’s indebted to Gaga’s Fame era, particularly on its chorus. 

Indeed if you can level any criticism at Rogue, it would be that it takes its lead from pop that’s come before it. But by doing it so faithfully and unashamedly, and with songs that are all so polished and instantly replayable, Michaela takes us on glorious nostalgia trip that only leaves us craving more. 

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