ROOM8 and The Sound of Arrows debut new song Just You & I

ROOM8 are Ezra Reich and Nic Johns, an LA/Stockholm-based production duo who have previously worked with the likes of Electric Youth, Little Boots and King Deco. Today they team up with one of our all time favourites The Sound of Arrows to release their latest single Just You & I and it’s an ambient dream.  

Just You & I is a song written from true emotions,” say Ezra and Nic about the collaboration with The Arrows who recently returned with their own new single Beautiful Life. “It’s about meeting someone more special then you could expect who brings out the best in you, that you feel you can’t live without because of who you both become together.”

The union makes for a perfectly matched coupling with Stefan Storm’s effortlessly pitched vocals dreamily gliding over ROOM8’s bubbling, synth-driven melodies. The result is an intoxicating, poolside-ready, pop escapade that’s the perfect antidote for your more commonly found tropical chart ‘delights’. 

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