Markus Feehily releases free download of new song Find My Way:  

Whilst Markus Feehily’s terrific debut solo single Love Is A Drug may have just fallen short of making the UK Top 40 in April (it reached #55 when streams were factored in), it certainly showed that the former Westlife star is still one of the UK’s most vocally talented exports.

The Irish singer’s latest release Find My Way sees him going one step further, and displaying an adaptability that may surprise those willing to quickly write him off as just another ex-boybander looking for a career renaissance.

Available as a free download from his official website, Find My Way is a dancefloor traversing slab of bustling electronics and 90s house beats, boosted by the presence of the 35 year old’s towering, almost diva-like soul vocals and it gives us a good idea of what to expect from his upcoming debut studio album.

Whilst this track won’t feature on the record, Markus has confirmed on Twitter that work has now finished and that it’ll be released later this year.

One comment

  1. He deserves to do so much better. ‘Love Is a Drug’ is amazing and ‘Find My Way’ is great too. It all sounds promising for the album, looking forward to it.


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