UK singer-songwriter Harriet and producer Steve Anderson team up for a cover of 10cc’s ‘I’m Not In Love’:


Hertfordshire-raised singer-songwriter Harriet well and truly arrived last month with the premiere of two original recordings, that were co-written and produced by Steve Anderson. First came Afterglow followed shortly by free download giveaway Can I Keep You.

Such was the overwhelming response to the combination of Harriet’s incredible vocal tone (which draws comparisons to that of the legendary Karen Carpenter), the spellbinding penmanship on display and Anderson’s delicately-woven production, the UK singer-songwriter has now recorded a cover of 10cc’s heartbreak ballad I’m Not In Love ahead of her return to the studio in Spring.

Of her take on the classic which spent a fortnight at the top of the UK singles chart in 1975, Harriet says that she wanted her version to capture the wonderment of those fragile emotions felt when falling in love. She and Steve were keen to ensure the cover maintained the ethereal magic of the original song, whilst still highlighting the sense of “fear when being in love and admitting to needing someone“. She adds this song is about “patience, freedom and indulging in vulnerability“.

Fall in love with I’m Not In Love all over again below.

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