Behold ‘Can I Keep You’. Another moment of beauty from UK singer Harriet:


Mere days have gone by since I introduced rising UK star Harriet and her exquisite debut Afterglow to my readers, yet here I am again urging you to now immerse yourself in yet another of the 23 year old’s musical offerings.

Can I Keep You is the name of the song in question, and the strength of its beauty lies in its gorgeous simplicity but I assure you that there is nothing basic about it at all.

Harriet delivers her tale of all-encompassing love with such yearning sincerity, such crystalline purity, that it’s impossible not to find yourself lingering on to every single word she sings, as it leaves her lips.

I’m not going to over-egg this one anymore than I already have, but if its producer and co-writer Steve Anderson (a man responsible for many of Kylie Minogue’s finest crowning glories (see the masterpiece Confide In Me) cites Can I Keep You as one of the greatest things he has ever put his name to, then you are left in no doubt at all that you are most certainly on to a winner.

And yes. He said just that during an interview with American DJ Larry Flick, after the track received its official radio premiere last week. Need I say more?

Stream Can I Keep You and Steve’s chat with Larry below:


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