A free download of a REALLY good song called ‘Refugee’ by a New York-based singer called Zee:


Here is a song to remind you just how much untapped talent lies out there in this great big world.

Refugee landed in my mailbox this afternoon and I have been playing it on repeat for the past hour, whilst I try to ‘research’ the artist who sings it. Have a listen below and then scroll down to find out what I discovered.

It turns out that Zee is an unsigned 23 year old singer-songwriter from Brooklyn, New York who has until recently been performing under his real name, Joe Bissell. He seems to like hats and tatts but, most importantly, he is in possession of a rather excellent voice that strays into all kinds of Adam Lambert territory, particularly when the emotion really takes hold. It’s just really impressive. Just very good indeed.

Zee’s bio on his official Facebook Page reads:

“I was born in April of 1990. I grew up all over the world. I love music and have been making it since I can remember. I’m so happy I found the courage to share it and I hope you enjoy it. It might make you smile, cry, dance, scream, laugh, shiver, throw up, spontaneously kiss somebody… anything. I do what I like.”

So he’s in tune with his emotions then and also someone whose listed interests include ‘gargantuan beats, surprises, un-basic bitches‘. PLUS, Zee is not adverse to a lyric that veers towards the grandiose end of the pop scale. Like these, for example.

You’ve got to take the blindfold off / The kingdom’s coming down…


I don’t want to get carried away / like its an alternative Fairytale / where the lovers meet their makers…

If you’re interested in hearing more, Zee recently posted a live set on his official Soundcloud account, which includes a cover of Michael Jackson’s Human Nature plus two self-penned original tracks Scarlet Letter and Biggest Love. Stream that one below. It’s worth it, for the MJ cover alone.

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