Introducing Harriet and the beautiful ‘Afterglow’. Listen:


UK singer-songwriter Harriet has unveiled her debut track online.

Produced and co-penned by Steve Anderson (Kylie Minogue, Leona Lewis), the exquisite Afterglow pays homage to the traditional songwriting craftsmanship of 20th century legends Burt Bacarach, The Carpenters and Hal David but the most immediate reaction must surely stem from the striking similarity between Harriet’s beautiful vocal and that of the late great Karen Carpenter.

Considered by many as one of the finest female singers of all time, I don’t make the Karen Carpenter comparison lightly but you only have to listen to Afterglow for yourself to see just why it’s so deserving.

Afterglow is an emotionally evocative and lyrically rich offering, and reflective of Harriet’s autobiographical approach to her musical output. She refers to the piano-driven relationship retrospective on her official Facebook page as not only a “a song that magically captures everything that I am” but one which also “provides the perfect soundscape of what’s to come.

So what is to come? Well, the Hertfordshire-raised/London-based artist is continuing to hone her talents in the studio with Anderson and fellow seasoned songwriting veterans Ed Harcourt and Marcella Detroit, with more material set to follow later in the year.


  1. I thought it was a Karen Carpenter when I heard it . The arrangement is like the Carpenters and her voice is REALLY like Karen’s I am going to buy this! BIG HIT!


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