Kylie’s debut album ‘Kylie’ turns twenty five! Five top tracks:


On 4 July 1988, Kylie Minogue unleashed her first full collection of bubblegum pop, with the release of her debut album Kylie.

Today, the Stock AitkenWaterman-produced album turns 25 so let’s revisit five brilliant songs from a record which kicked off the singing career of one of the world’s most loved pop stars.

Turn It Into Love

If Same Difference and Hazell Dean can cover a song and it still survive intact, you know it is an absolute winner. Turn It Into Love was big in Japan too. It was released there as a single, went to #1 and the B-Side was the glorious Made In Heaven.

Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi

Kylie’s amour for French would go on to feature in classics like Your Disco Needs You and Loveboat (“007 heaven sur la mer“, anyone?) but here she went the extra mile and recreated a Parisian backdrop for one of her finest early singles.

It’s No Secret

If not for the look on Kylie’s face when she clocks The Locomotion playing in the bar, then for the simply effective realisation of heartbreak via the lyrics: “Then I discovered, I guess you couldn’t love me / Like you said you loved me…”

And our hearts all broke for our Kylie.

Love At First Sight

Not that one. The original. And they say you should never mess with the original.

Got To Be Certain

The outfits. The hair. The smile. The confident, pop princess that we are all still utterly enchanted by. Right at the start.

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